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Kudos to Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for uncovering the truth about vaccinations… including the flu vaccine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his team recently launched The World Mercury Project, whose mission is to raise public awareness of the sources and dangers of mercury, help treat those who have been personally affected by mercury exposure, and push for safe and responsible removal of mercury in all consumer projects and industrial processes. The group highlights the fact that…

via A Q&A With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. About Vaccine Safety — Collective Evolution


Synchronicity is beautiful…

I find life so fascinating when I find myself in  these situations that are so full of synchronicity and how I am in the right place at the right time 🙂

I had a friend of our family who decided she was going to come for relaxation and energy healing on a regular basis, and 2017 was the year for her to get healthy!  Her and her husband had planned a trip to Los Cabos, and she wanted to feel her best before they left.

They liked to visit Los Cabos on a yearly basis, she was so excited to be going, and it could not come soon enough for her!…Unfortunately a couple weeks into their vacation she ended up having a brain aneurysm and had to be transported by air ambulance to have surgery done in her hometown.

Hearing the news, I wanted to go see her to have a Reiki session with her, and it turned out that both our vehicles were out of commission, a flat tire on one, and a brake job on the other… so I decided that I was going to give her a long distance healing treatment because I knew she had been through a lot.

Her whole left side was paralyzed, when I started the session, I could feel the throbbing in her leg while I was channeling the healing to her.  I could feel her body…

After I had finished our healing session, I texted her husband to let him know that I had just completed a long distance healing session on her, and I was curious as to how she was doing.

Four hours later I received a text back from him saying “we got your message while having coffee.  We got back to the room and her eyes were wide open and she responded, must be a miracle, thank you”… she had been unconscious up until then.

She was able to say her good byes to her family.  The healing had given her a reprieve to be able to connect with her family one last time before deciding to let go.  Over the next couple days I had been sending long distance healing to all the family members, helping them through their ordeal.  Her health was steadily declining and two days later the doctor had called to say that the family may want to be with her since he didn’t think she would make it through the night.

She died peacefully a few hours later with her husband and family surrounding her with love.

At her funeral, I met some of her sisters who had been there the day that she was able to bring herself to say her goodbyes to everyone.  One of them said she was so happy to meet me and she was so grateful to have that opportunity to have her last good bye with her sister. She said they were very close and that it was such a blessing for that to happen!  Her saying this made my heart swell.  I felt so honored to have been able to facilitate their final part of their journey together.

There had been a big transformation in this long distance healing, it was very affirming and has propelled me to do more of this kind of work.  I have done long distance healing a couple times previously, but the cases were not as severe to our naked eye, yet I know the healing was just as profound .  A few years ago I worked on a fellow with a major concussion after being struck against the boards playing hockey, and I came out of that session feeling like I had had a concussion and been run over by a truck myself!  I realized at that time how important it is to protect myself when doing this healing., it can be pretty painful for me if I am not careful!

If you know of someone who is wanting a long distance healing session, or would like one yourself, please message me and I would love to help facilitate this for you!


REIKI LEVEL I CLASS- Sept 26 & 27, 2015

If you have ever been curious as to how Reiki works and would like to learn more about self healing and treating others… this 2 day course will have you on your way to doing just that!

10am-4pm both days, includes a lunch and manual, please bring a water bottle

Cost $250


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