Each session is individualized according to what each person is going through…physically, mentally or spiritually

Therapy including counseling is $1/minute… 🙂

First Session: $80  Reiki/Massage Consultation included (1 1/2 hour session)  time may vary depending on consultation, plus $1/minute for counseling ~ Beautiful, relaxing, healing  therapeutic massage along with 1/2 hour session of Reiki to keep the spirit balanced and fulfilled.

90 Minute Session: $90~ Reiki/Massage therapeutic and healing, focusing on targeted areas for pain relief using trigger point therapy, hot and cold stone therapy and Reiki  for that extra deep healing physically and energetically. Healing at the cellular level… so healing!

$60 ~Reiki (45-60 min session).  Using visualization, working with the chakras, unblocking, cleansing and healing.  Recommend between 3 -10 sessions on a consistent basis for acute ailments…to start off your path to healing and transformation more rapidly. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed ready to take on the world once again.

$60~Preventative Maintenance Program~  commit to a hot stone massage/reiki treatment by coming at least once per month and you will see improvement and transformation but on a slower/but progressive basis making it affordable to keep energetically balanced.

$45 ( plus travel charge)~ Energy Clearings~ Bring the positive energy back into your environment through smudging and cleansing.

$100~ Long Distance Healing~ (45- 60 min session)  works very effectively for anyone all around the world, doesn’t matter where you are located.  Recommend 3-10 sessions on a consistent basis for acute ailments to start of your path to healing and transformation more rapidly.

$150- Mobile Hot Stone Massage/Reiki~ if you prefer to have a treatment in the comfort of your own home,  I would love to work with you there! Wholeness and wellness wrapped up into one and integration allowed to the fullest with no stresses to contend with, just pure bliss that lasts a lot longer,… without the discomforts of having to drive home.

Transformational program rates available upon request…special rates may apply depending on the individual circumstance. 


One response to “RATES

  1. Hi! I had a total hip replacement almost 6 weeks ago! Just wondering if your treatment helps for arthritis and inflammation? How soon could I have a treatment after a hip replacement? Can’t drive probably for another 2 20weeks.

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