(Excerpts from Crystal Energy written by Mary Lambert)

Rose Quartz: Good for balancing Cancerian moods!

Affirmation: repeating   “I LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE”..20 times looking directly into a mirror, until you can feel the stone melting any destructive feelings held in your subconscious, and opening your heart to love. Practise daily until you really believe what you are saying.

Rose Quartz Attracts: Love, peace, happiness, joy, promotes self love, heals the emotions, removes negative energy, strengthens and creates empathy and sensitivity.  Increases will power and energy. Soothes away harsh energy, reducing tension while aiding forgiveness.    

A Rose Quartz can help when: you are dealing with emotional problems that leave your mind disturbed and feelings fragile.  Arguments at work, coping with a demanding elderly relative, or a falling out with a friend can leave us feeling vulnerable, upset and demoralized.  It is essential to take some time out to review your emotions.  Using rose quartz will regain your self worth and  help support the healing process. 

If you are emotionally shutdown or finding it difficult to maintain an intimate, loving relationship, place the crystal on your heart chakra for 5 minutes contemplating the lack of love in your life, and sense how reassuring and purifying  this pink crystal is.  Use this crystal for 1-2 weeks daily and you will see a difference in your relationships.  How loving and affectionate you feel!

Rose Quartz can: clear resentment, anger, guilt, or fear and opens you up to beauty.  The supreme healer of pain.  Releases toxins from the body, increases fertility, soothes burns, aids the complexion, and relieves respiratory problems.

IMPORTANT: Cleanse regularly to remove negativity.

Make a Rose quartz crystal essence to clear and purify house energies:  Rinse the crystal under running water and place in glass container.  Cover with mineral water until submersed.  Cover container and place in sunlight for 1-12 hours.  The longer the crystal is energized the stronger the essence.  Place the water in a spray bottle.  With intention:  ask the essence to clear  any unhappiness in the home.  Spray each room moving clockwise around the room.  Use regularly after any arguments or upsets…Pure and uplifting rose quartz is ideal for removing negativity to bring happier harmony to your home. 

Balance your little girl’s energies: Placing this love crystal by her bedside will help develop her passion for life, and self expression. 

Bathe with rose quartz to soothe and heal emotions: While filling a nice warm bath, light a candle and/or aromatherapy oils…place the rose quartz in the bottom of the bath for a few minutes before entering… while in the tub feel the loving vibrations around you.  Place the crystal on your heart for a few minutes.  Place it in the bath again for 5 minutes.  Step out of the tub feeling emotionally renewed.  Remove the stone and thank it for it’s loving connection it’s made with you. 

Place by your bedside: Facilitates deep inner healing from a hurtful relationship…The Chinese used a variation, where they placed a large geode crystal under the left side of the bed (where the woman slept) to ensure the man remains faithful. 

Place in the kitchen area: on the kitchen table or shelf.  Ask it to make your kitchen a place of comfort, where meals are lovingly prepared and eaten with laughter and congeniality.  Great for ROMANTIC DINING.

Pointed Rose Quartz Crystal: Ideal to use as a loving barrier when you do not want to be interupted. 

Attracting a Soul Mate:   Create ambiance by lighting 2 pink candles… with some sensual ylang yland essential oils.  Make a list of the qualities you are looking for in your partner. Physically, mentally and spiritually.  Pick up your cleansed rose crystal with your list  on paper folded in 4.  Hold it to your heart for ten minutes.  Visualize yourself with your partner, laughing, holding hands and feeling your love go to the crystal and out again to do its romantic work. Slowly come back to the room.   Repeat the visualization until your soulmate appears.   Be careful for what you wish for! 

Relieving an Earache:  Place in a warm towel or inside the cover of a hot water bottle, and on the ear for at least 10  minutes.  Feel how the gentle emmisions of this beautful compassionate stone are penetrating deep into the inner ear and reducing your pain.  Work with the stone every few hours until the pain leaves.  Consult the Dr. if symptoms continue or are acute. 

Wear as jewellery or keep on your desk or in your pocket or bag, or on your living room table.



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