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The simple things in life gives us the most happiness

The concept of “hygge” (which is pronounced hoo-gah) is a restorative state of mind practiced for centuries in Denmark (by way of Norway). Usually translated into English as “coziness,” it’s about finding warmth and intimacy in everything you do. Though very old, hygge is just now gaining traction outside of its origins. Perhaps because Denmark…

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Leaving a sliced onion by your bedside helps with releasing toxins out of our body :)

There’s a huge shift right now occurring within the medical industry. More and more people are starting to learn that modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have become more concerned with profit than they are with people. Mark Mattson, Chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging, has explained that pharmaceutical companies can’t…

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This is why energy healing works so well on the brain…connecting the dots so they no longer short circuit…

What is science? The question likely sparks images of textbooks, white lab coats, microscopes, beakers, astronomers looking through a telescope, Einstein scribbling equations erratically on a chalkboard, and more. Science is many things — so many in fact, that it can hurt the brain just to try to simplify it! And what about trying to explain…

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PTSD, Anxiety and Reiki

Anxiety,more often than not, is a result of Post Traumatic Stress, and the reason for this is that physical, emotional or spiritual trauma creates an energetic blockage in our body causing us to “react” this way.  It sits in our cellular memory.

Many times as a result of this trauma we choose to block out the painful memories rather than want to heal.  Then, when later on down the road, we have another situation come up that our body recognizes (that cellular memory), even though we may not consciously remember…it triggers the same kind of feeling in our body.  As a result, this unconscious memory brings up the feeling of anxiety from the original instance.

Anxiety can be triggered by a smell associated with the original trauma, a feeling associated with the original trauma, an activity associated with the original trauma, or the sound associated with the original trauma.  Our senses can be heightened with anything related to that original trauma, even though we may have “unconsciously” chosen to not remember and just block it out.

I really struggled growing up with my military style but very caring father, who strived for perfection as well as appearances sake…So when I was 5 years old he thought it was time that I learn the alphabet.  Every time I had got the alphabet wrong I was smacked across the head and told to start over.  It was an event that I would never forget and as a result affected the way I learn tremendously.  Feeling very worried that if I didn’t catch on quickly when learning that I was not going to be very well liked or would be punished for it. I was raised growing up to be a people pleaser.  As a result, if there was a subject in school that I couldn’t catch onto quickly enough, it caused me great anxiety.  It even affected me as an adult learning a new job, or taking on new projects, always causing me great anxiety when things didn’t go very smoothly or I didn’t catch on very easily.  I was my own worst enemy. Luckily for me I am a quick learner and for the most part do catch on pretty quickly.  But it would be very stressful.

Reiki helped me heal a lot from this trauma… the energy healing was able to “unblock” the trauma from my cellular memory so that I was able to be more “relaxed” about learning.  To not feel that anything “bad” was going to happen to me if I made a mistake or catch on quickly enough.  I was able to realize that it’s ok, I just needed to keep practicing, get more help, or needed more information to learn what I needed to do and not overreact and beat myself up for being less then perfect.

Once I made the association between my anxiety, where it was coming from, energetically releasing it, then my anxiety was dissipated around learning.

If there is anxiety in your life, look at the root cause… there is trauma around that anxiety rooting from somewhere in your past.  The Reiki will/can bring up memories to be released around that original trauma, and that’s ok.  We are safe.  It can be painful to remember but that’s ok.  Acknowledge and learn from that memory.  Then we are able to let that go and truly let it go and heal from it.  If we have difficulties getting past it, the Reiki helps with the releasing of it. It may take a few sessions to peel away those layers but eventually you will be able to move forward and heal from it.  Journalling helped me a lot with getting all the “junk” and obsessive thoughts out of my head.  Journalling helped bring clarity around where my anxiety was stemming from because once the “junk” is removed, then the AHA moments come around making it a very liberating experience to truly “heal” and not feel the affects of the original trauma to be begin with.  In dealing with this in my clients who came for Reiki, they were then able to motivate themselves to get “unstuck” and as a result face the situations that used to trigger their anxiety attacks.  As a result they no longer felt “trapped” in their lives…. they felt liberated and whole again without the debilitating fears associated with the activity.

So when we question why we over react to a situation and have no clue as to why we reacted that way, it’s because of a situation that happened to us earlier in life that traumatized us and as a result we go into “fight or flight” mode so that we “react” rather then consciously “act” regarding a situation.

Being aware of our actions will help our emotional intelligence.  When we are emotionally intelligent we are able to keep our “cool”  and “act consciously” with thought as to the consequences of our actions.  PTSD can prevent us from doing this.  Anxiety can prevent us from doing this.

The Reiki provides the tools to remove those layers so that we can get to that calm place again.  Removing the stress, feeling lighter about life, being able to live our life knowing that we are all here to learn and heal giving us hope that we can all strive to be better compassionate human beings.

COMFREY – it’s healing properties and different uses

Health Through God’s Pharmacy”- Maria Treben

Symphytum officinale- Latin name for Comfrey, it is important to look for the latin name so that we know it is the correct strain.

Tincture- contains wonderful power on sufferers of rheumatism and swelling joints, applied as a compress for any external or internal wounds, injuries, bruises, contusions,  and bone fractures.

Leaves of Comfrey, scaled and used as a poultice and applied to paralyzed limbs, over exertion, dislocation, sprain or shock, help overnight.  Leaves can also be used as additions to baths for rheumatic complaints, gout, painful bones, slipped discs and defective circulation.  For defective circulation in the legs, varicose veins and as supplementary treatment of bone fractures, Comfrey sitz baths are taken using 200 gms. of leaves.  soaked in 5 litres of cold water.  Next day it is brought to a boil and the liquid is added to the bath water. The water must cover the kidney region.  The water can be re-warmed and used twice more for sitz and full baths.

Full Bath:  Steep  6 to 8 litres bucket of fress herbs or 200 gm of dried herbs in coldwater over night.  Heat and strain the next morning and pour into bath water.  Soak for 20 mins.  The heart must be above the water.  After the bath do not dry off but wrap yourself in a bath towel or robe, and go to bed and lie there for one hour perspiring.

Dried and Grounded roots of the comfrey mixed with very hot water and a few drops of cooking oil and spread on a piece of linen, applied warm on the affected area and bandaged, works as a poultice on infected bones, paraplegia, varicose ulcers, muscular rheumatism, gout stones, pains, painful amputation stumps, and periostitis.

Tea prepared from the 2 tsp roots soaked in 1 cup water overnight, slightly warmed in the morning, strained and taken in sips can be used internally for bronchitis, digestive system disorders, bleeding stomach and pleurisy.  2 to 4 cups sipped during the day.

Stomach ulcers, – tea of 100 gm Comfrey, 50gm clendula and 50gm knotgrass(polygnom aviculare) is recommended. Heaped tsp. to a cup of boiling water, infuse for 3 minutes.  3 to 4 cups are sipped during the day.

Fresh Leaf applications (Fresh) leaves are washed and beaten to a pulp and applied to the affected area.  Comfrey leaves can be scaled and applied warm.


What is Reiki calm?

I am sitting here watching a really good movie,… Home of the Brave… about 3 soldiers who return from the war having to continue life like there was nothing wrong.  Traumatized and wounded souls… Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Everyone has some form of PTSD.  It takes part in forming our belief system. We all have had some form of traumatization that feeds our belief system and we think it is a part of who we are.  These thought processes… as a result, can limit us in how we relate to others…    how we relate to ourselves…, how we relate to life in general.  And we think such is life,… but there is a cross road for every issue that arises… we can either choose to play the victim or we can choose to empower our self  and learn from the situation.  Living our life and learning.

When we choose to be the victim… we are letting life happen to us and we think there is nothing we can do about it.   We are like a helpless beach ball in the middle of the choppy waves in the ocean.  Feeling very helpless, out of control and chaotic.  As a result we get anxiety,  develop sleep disorders, get depressed, and our body takes on unexplained growths, aches and pains. We have a sense of what’s the use?

Trauma sits in our cellular memory until it is energetically released.  When we have trauma happen to us, our body remembers that emotion behind it.  We can feel a sense of abandonment when we are 6 mos. old. and it can bring up abandonment issues with our spouse when we are married.  It can be 20 years later and if the situation triggers similarities it will set off those same emotions as when the incident first happened.  It is intense… it can paralyze us creating undesirable situations that leave us wondering why did I react so intensely?

Taking pharmaceutical drugs will help fix the situation temporarily. But it doesn’t help the body to heal.  It doesn’t help us to get to the root of the problem so that we can become aware of what is causing our current situation.  It is our underlying emotions sitting there triggering our body to react in illness, either in our thoughts or physically with ailments that needs releasing.

REIKI helps release that trauma from the cellular memory.  Reiki gives us that HOPE we need to get through our limitations.  Reiki gives us the calm that we need in order to respond rather then react to the situations around us.  It prevents us from going into the victim role.

Reiki empowers us.  When we feel empowered, we look to create happy, healthy relationships with everyone.  In our personal life as well as our business life.  We want to create WIN/WIN situations so that everyone comes out of this empowered.  We want to make the world a better place.

Our purpose is to be who we are.  Who are we?  Do we take the time to find that out?  Reflect?  Understand ourselves?  What are my likes and dislikes?  Once we feel comfortable in our own skin and fill up our own cups….can we then make a difference in other people’s lives.

It’s a process,… be gentle with yourself, and learn to love your humanness, it will keep us humble, after all,  we don’t have to be perfect.

Loving who we are, shows us how to love others… doing it with an open heart.

Happy Sunday afternoon!







Useful healing stone, reduces stress, quietens the mind, sharpens intellect, clears blocked communication and throat charkra.  Filters information reaching brain, aids interpretation of emotional state.  Reduces fear, increases sensitivity and creativiity, enhances intuition and spritual awareness.  Shields aura, aligns chakras.  Brings tolerance to judgemental people, encourages responsibility for actions.  Treats swollen glands and sore throats, Strengthening and cleansing the organs, liver, spleen, and kidneys, Aids teeth, jaw, eyes, throat, and stomach. 

 Hold or place on the appropriate point…

Cleanse before each use.  Charge it in sunlight for 24 hours, cleanse under running water, giving it the intention to “release” the dense energy.  OR…

Visualize a tunnel of pure white light coming down to surround the crystal, cleansing and transmuting the energies.  Hold that thought till the crystal is shining once again.