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Canadian Reiki Association Articles

Some articles that may be of interest to you:

Reiki and Breast Cancer:

Cancer Surgery and Reiki:

How does Reiki Heal?

Reiki and the Future:




Dealing with Pain using Reiki

Here is a link posted on Reiki .org  showing the effects of Reiki and making pain more manageable…enjoy!

Heart Health

I have an awesome link to share regarding what actually causes heart disease and it is NOT cholesterol… click on

Pregnancy and Lavender oil

Have you ever wondered if you can use lavender oils while being pregnant? 

Looking this up online can give you many contradictions…

Here is a well researched reputable website link on the topic…

Enjoy your day!


Cancer, Chemotherapy and Essiac

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I think it’s important that everyone knows their options and makes informed decisions when dealing with cancer and conventional treatments and herbal supplementation.   I have had a few Oncologists tell their patients that they are not able to take … Continue reading


Welcome to my BLOG!

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Now this is something fascinating! How many of us are willing to embrace this concept? He may have a point, and it makes sense… Fortunately, the psychological stress/cancer-connection no longer lingers in the realm of fiction and uncertainty. Supported by … Continue reading