Benefits…what’s in it for you?

Benefits of Reiki…

Creating BALANCE– physically and emotionally by…

Promoting RELAXATION…resulting in the healing…

Causing MOTIVATION and increased VITALITY… working as a great pain reliever

Assisting BETTER MOVEMENT of the body


  • Increased Circulation
  • Stimulated lymphatic activity
  • Improved posture
  • Improved health
  • Relieved stress and tension
  • More relaxed,
  • Improved immune function. 
  • Leave feeling balanced and grounded.

Great for fybromyalgia, depression relief, seasonal affective disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADHD.

What happens during a session?    The client fully clothed lies on the treatment table.  The practitioner’s hands remain in a stationary position, gently on or slightly above the body moving through several positions from head to toe.  I like to use the more intuitive approach.  “Private areas” on the body are worked on 4-6″ above the body. Energy is channelled through the practitioner from the “higher source”, and the client will report feeling cold, pulsating heat, or a tingling sensation during a session, and most will enter a calm relaxed state.

Chronic or acute pain may diminish or completely vanish.  Sometimes allergies and other infirmities completely disappear. It is different for each person.  It is important to remember that whatever is troubling us didn’t happen overnight and our body heals by the same process.  Healing takes commitment and it takes time.  One moment at a time…

What can be expected after a session?

Directly after a session, allow yourself time to become fully grounded again.  It is recommended to sit for 15 mins. and sip a glass of cool water.

Over the next little while, you will notice that you are detoxifying waste that has built up in your system.  You will have started to cleanse.

Increase your water /herbal tea intake so that the toxins can be flushed out more readily.  You may want to rest more, so allow time for that. Most people feel an imediate improvement in their level of pain.  Energy and alertness will increase daily and an overall feeling of well being may be noticed. 


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