All about the Reiki…

Reiki originated as a healing method used in Ancient Japanese culture to help keep ourselves balanced emotionally and physically, …it is well known that our thoughts can create our ailments.

In order to have this way of “being”,… it involves healing ourselves with the intention that we want to heal.  We want to have positive thoughts, we want to have a productive lifestyle with a nice balance of happiness, love and laughter. 

When we can unblock, cleanse, heal and integrate this reiki energy we begin to feel balanced and centered. Depending on the individual, the results can be immediate, releasing, and letting go of compulsions, worries, and  stuck emotions are now flowing.  The energy blockage is no longer there. 

Reiki is also very effective on children and animals (what nature intends)…

This gentle treatment helps clear old patterns of blocked emotions like guilt, anger, shame, fear, loss of faith or grief, and helplessness etc. which our bodies on the physical level stores these experiences in various parts of our body and results in “dis-ease.”  and so we’re not  at ease…, in our thoughts or in our body.

Reiki helps trigger these suppressed feelings from cellular memory to “release” through deep relaxation which results in feeling balanced and centered. 

Illness, aches and pains, low energy, weight issues etc.  is our body’s way of telling us that we need to unblock.  It is through our emotions and letting them go wholistically that we can start to feel whole again. 

The end result feeling uplifted and wonderfully relaxed afterwards… and a sense of “glowing”. 

LINKS OF INTEREST: this website will have many articles of interest as to how Reiki works…click on the stories on the side column of this article. 




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