About the Practitioner…

Laurie Patterson received her first level Reiki on a recommendation from a Council of Light Reiki Master in 2003.  She received her Level II Reiki three years later and became a Certified Full Body Hot Stone Therapist in 2010. In 2011 Laurie received her Masters/Teacher Certification in Usui Reiki and is now certified to teach.  She is currently registered with the Canadian Reiki Association.

She is told…”her passion for her work and helping others  shines through her beautiful spirit”…

While taking her work to a professional level, she found it to be extremely rewarding and as a result  built a clientelle consisting of patients from all age groups  7 thru to 95 years young  including animals such as horses, cats, dogs and even frogs!

As a Reiki Practitioner, Laurie has worked on children with ADD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as various nervous disorders, including anxiety, nail biting, problems focusing, behaviour disorders,and  obsessive compulsive disorders.

She has also worked with cancer patients finding Reiki very beneficial to lessen the side effects of the conventional therapy treatment,… therefore the patient is able to heal faster and feel better about themself while uplifting their spirit.

During the time her uncle struggled with cancer the reiki was extremely beneficial in assisting  with the letting go process and helped ease the  “passing over” for him.

The Hot Stone Therapy is a perfect compliment to the Reiki.  Laurie has some wonderful “preferred” clientelle who find the hot stone massage/reiki so healing they return at least once a month to help keep their minds and bodies in a better relaxed, calm state.  This enables them to deal with stress in a calmer, more relaxed manner and as a result…they feel much  happier in spirit.

Laurie’s past experiences have  molded her into the person that she has become today…

While having lost her son to SIDS in 1989, and then a depressed husband to divorce in 1991, Laurie also learned about alcoholism and dysfunction in  families.

When she lost her son, Laurie started a SIDS support group  in Langley, BC. learning the importance of grieving and letting go.

In 1995, she remarried and immediately started her second family, learning not to bring the residue from her previous life (marriage) into this new family.  She attended various self esteem workshops , personal awareness seminars,  parenting classes, 12 steps groups, counselling and spiritual retreats.

Laurie also dabbled in some medicine wheel work with a beautiful and inspiring Shaman in Langley,  Linda, who was also a Registered Nurse who taught touch healing to other nurses in the Lower Mainland.   This lady was able to move Laurie to a place where her soul revealed more life lessons  and she continued to grow… leaps and bounds… shedding the layers…

At the medicine wheel intensive weekend Laurie met her future Reiki Master, Ashley. This lady was profound for Laurie…while opening up her world for her…,  it created a  path for Laurie that has continued right up to today.

Laurie has 2 wonderful boys, 17  and 13 years old and a very committed caring husband.  While she was trying to get pregnant with her second child she had 2 miscarriages. It was with her 5th pregnancy that she started to do meditation and visualization classes with an amazing intuitive healer in her life, another Linda,  and as a result did some more healing around the various different losses in her life.

It was also around this time when she started to question  our medical system…Doing some research, she wanted to  learn more  about”the behind the scenes” motives and agendas involved  with natural and conventional medicine, and realized how they really needed to compliment each other more if we are going to have a healthier way of life.

Along her journey…, and after  having her 2nd son, she noticed behaviour issues coming up for him, and after a visit with the Naturopath found out he could not be eating foods with MSG in it.  He had leaky gut syndrome (lacerated intestines) and as a result she learned more about home made cooking with no processed  or packaged foods.  All those flavorings contained MSG and were like poison to his body.

It was also the reason why Laurie became an Epicure consultant and started using their spices to flavour up the soups, rices, potatos etc. she didn’t have to cook everything plain anymore. Epicure is kosher meaning pure, and no MSG.

A few years later she worked at a Naturopath’s office for a few months to get a feel for where these Doctors are coming from. Laurie  witnessed patients being dealt with on a different level where more time is spent getting to know the patient, their lifestyle, their diet, as well as  their stress levels on an emotional level too.  Their time is spent getting to know you, which is very important and lacking in the conventional system.  She could see that there were a lot of good results happening and the people were much happier as a result.  These Naturopathic Drs. know how to deal with the underlying symptoms and get to the root of the problem, and not have to put a bandaid on the wound, but make it start to heal.  These doctors really do care and want to get to know you…

After that, Laurie also worked at a local spa to experience how the business flows and how the clients are treated there.  While employed there she was surprised to see mold in the steamroom and how the products they were using were not that “natural” based… It was important to Laurie that everything be “healthy”… Oils are absorbed through the skin, our largest organ on our body, it’s important there are no harmful chemicals in any of the products.

In 2006, Laurie and her family moved to a beautiful 1/2 acre property with peaceful  gardens and a pond filled with koi.  She has a treatment room in her home and loves working in her “favorite”place on a part time basis.  She aspires to work towards making the world a better place while you are here, and will help you in the transition process when you are ready to pass over.

In January 2012, she received her Usui Master/Teacher level in Reiki and is now aspiring to teach others her method of natural  healing with others using Reiki and Hot Stone Therapy.


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