COMFREY – it’s healing properties and different uses

Health Through God’s Pharmacy”- Maria Treben

Symphytum officinale- Latin name for Comfrey, it is important to look for the latin name so that we know it is the correct strain.

Tincture- contains wonderful power on sufferers of rheumatism and swelling joints, applied as a compress for any external or internal wounds, injuries, bruises, contusions,  and bone fractures.

Leaves of Comfrey, scaled and used as a poultice and applied to paralyzed limbs, over exertion, dislocation, sprain or shock, help overnight.  Leaves can also be used as additions to baths for rheumatic complaints, gout, painful bones, slipped discs and defective circulation.  For defective circulation in the legs, varicose veins and as supplementary treatment of bone fractures, Comfrey sitz baths are taken using 200 gms. of leaves.  soaked in 5 litres of cold water.  Next day it is brought to a boil and the liquid is added to the bath water. The water must cover the kidney region.  The water can be re-warmed and used twice more for sitz and full baths.

Full Bath:  Steep  6 to 8 litres bucket of fress herbs or 200 gm of dried herbs in coldwater over night.  Heat and strain the next morning and pour into bath water.  Soak for 20 mins.  The heart must be above the water.  After the bath do not dry off but wrap yourself in a bath towel or robe, and go to bed and lie there for one hour perspiring.

Dried and Grounded roots of the comfrey mixed with very hot water and a few drops of cooking oil and spread on a piece of linen, applied warm on the affected area and bandaged, works as a poultice on infected bones, paraplegia, varicose ulcers, muscular rheumatism, gout stones, pains, painful amputation stumps, and periostitis.

Tea prepared from the 2 tsp roots soaked in 1 cup water overnight, slightly warmed in the morning, strained and taken in sips can be used internally for bronchitis, digestive system disorders, bleeding stomach and pleurisy.  2 to 4 cups sipped during the day.

Stomach ulcers, – tea of 100 gm Comfrey, 50gm clendula and 50gm knotgrass(polygnom aviculare) is recommended. Heaped tsp. to a cup of boiling water, infuse for 3 minutes.  3 to 4 cups are sipped during the day.

Fresh Leaf applications (Fresh) leaves are washed and beaten to a pulp and applied to the affected area.  Comfrey leaves can be scaled and applied warm.



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