Useful healing stone, reduces stress, quietens the mind, sharpens intellect, clears blocked communication and throat charkra.  Filters information reaching brain, aids interpretation of emotional state.  Reduces fear, increases sensitivity and creativiity, enhances intuition and spritual awareness.  Shields aura, aligns chakras.  Brings tolerance to judgemental people, encourages responsibility for actions.  Treats swollen glands and sore throats, Strengthening and cleansing the organs, liver, spleen, and kidneys, Aids teeth, jaw, eyes, throat, and stomach. 

 Hold or place on the appropriate point…

Cleanse before each use.  Charge it in sunlight for 24 hours, cleanse under running water, giving it the intention to “release” the dense energy.  OR…

Visualize a tunnel of pure white light coming down to surround the crystal, cleansing and transmuting the energies.  Hold that thought till the crystal is shining once again.


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