Cancer, Chemotherapy and Essiac

I think it’s important that everyone knows their options and makes informed decisions when dealing with cancer and conventional treatments and herbal supplementation.
I have had a few Oncologists tell their patients that they are not able to take Essiac during chemotherapy treatment…it would lessen the effect of the chemo.
So how can these “professionals” give such “good” advice when they don’t know how the herbal supplementation works?    Ask the oncologist how the chemotherapy would not work if you decided to do both?  Ask them to do the research and get back to you…
Where is the literature that says you can’t keep your immune system up while the chemo is going to kill the good and bad cancer cells?  Killing the good cells will knock your immune system down… but it doesn’t mean that your body can’t have all the protection it needs to build up again… the herbals do not affect the chemotherapy.  The naturopaths will tell you that.
ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS, and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH… DON’T ASSUME THE  DOCTORS KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.  Ask them how the Essiac would hurt you and the process!  You need to be convinced… this is your life, and it all needs to make sense…
So lets look at the logistics of all this…
The radiation/chemo kills off all the good and bad (cancer cells.) 
Essiac stops cancer cells from multiplying and tumors from growing while boosting the immune system, how is it counter productive during conventional treatment?
So why can’t the immune system be boosted while you are doing chemo/radiation?  The cancer cells are still going to be killed off, according to how the chemo works.  Essiac would not interfere with that process. Essiac is a herbal supplement, not a drug, that boosts the immune system by creating healthier cells that much faster…see the website…
Cancer patients whose immune systems are already compromised… we see these  patients go down very fast… especially if there are issues going on in the stomach or bowels…ie: colitis, Crohn’s disease., unhealthy bowels, such as irritable bowel syndrome.
The chemotherapy is so hard on the system these people end up dying from the treatment and not the cancer. 
That being said, I would recommend seeing the Naturopath’s in Ft. Langley. Fort Langley Integrated Health Clinic.  
Dr. Parmar is the Oncologist to see for expert advice on Cancer.  They will tell you that it is very important that the immune system be kept boosted throughout the whole process of treating the cancer.  This is why cancer has invaded the body in the first place because the immune system is not balanced… the body is more acidic and needs to become more alkaline.  Herbs can create a more alkaline environment, along with the right diet.  A diet high in vegetables (high alkaline) creates a healthier body. The herbs are a great supplement to assist the process.  Our bodies know how to work with the herbs… not so well with the drugs.
I went to a Ft. Langley Integrated Clinic  information nite on dealing with cancer the naturopathic way,…
These naturopaths like to work with the Oncologists at the various local hospitals, and if you happen to be dealing with cancer it would help to work with a naturopath, and have him work with your Oncologist…
It is  becoming more and more mainstream…
Even if it’s for a visit and consultation and that’s all you can afford to pay…it could save your life. By the way…, if you are on a group plan, it would cover the costs of the naturopath visits.
So, the naturopaths are EXTREMELY informative and HELPFUL.  They know what they are talking about… they know how the body works… they have to… they know how to heal the body…
Drugs do not heal, they will only work like a band aid. 
General practitioner doctors do not learn how to heal the body.  General practitioners learn how to prescribe the drugs to fit the ailment that your body happens to be going through.  The ailment does not go away, instead you no longer feel the symptom.  Many drugs have many side effects that lead you to taking other drugs. and before you know it, you can have a whole medicine cabinet full of different medications and quite often these people on the drugs start to feel messed up… it is part of the pharmaceutical business scheme to be successful. 
I would rather heal…over the long run it will be better for my body.
Did you know that the Naturopathic Doctor starts  off their first four years of school with the exact same schooling that GP Doctors start off  with?  Then they branch off into the Natural therapies and how the body heals. 
These naturopaths speciallizing in cancer have travelled all around the world…, studying New German medicine… quickly learning that they have the leading edge practice for treating cancer patients successfully.
You don’t have to go the expensive route, it can still remain affordable. 
They use treatments such as Oxygen therapy, Vitamin C injections, Thermal therapy… all of which make total sense when you look at how the body works… and healing the body is how you feel better.  Not just “getting rid” of the problem and then giving the drugs to mask the pain etc. 
 For more info go to Ft. Langley’s Integrated Health’s website…
People need to be aware that there are other more successful ways of dealing with cancer. 
So to reiterate everything mentioned before…
From my experience in dealing with these cancer patients, and seeing how they are responding to the conventional treatments, ie: chemo and radiation… it is so important that we can keep the immune system boosted… and ask a naturopath… ask your Oncologists… to see what makes sense to you…
Just because they are “professionals”… doesn’t mean that you can trust them with your life.  FInd out what the treatments are actually doing to your body… does it make sense…  come for regular reiki treatments to heal on an energetic level….Check out your options and see what feels right for you…
Please pass this along if you think someone would benefit… we have choices…We do not have to stop taking Essiac…do some research, and read the testimonials…
I see a light at the end of the tunnel when dealing with natural therapies… I can not say the same with the conventional therapy route alone… I really don’t want to have to sign my own death certificate…I don’t think you should have  to either.
Love and light,



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