Exposure and education is best…

This article contains disturbing content and addresses an issue that desperately needs to be brought to light. Every single year, pedophilia, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking rates increase. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide and 4.5 million people trapped in forced sex trafficking around the globe. At least 100,000 children are […]

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Scientists Find A Host Of Toxic Chemicals In Name Brand Lipstick & Other Cosmetic Products — Collective Evolution

A study released by the University of California, Berkeley (UBC) School of Public health has found many conventional lipstick products to contain dangerously high levels of aluminum, cadmium, lead, and other toxins. Researchers tested over 30 popular lipstick products and found this to be the case. The study was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Even…

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Spy Microwave Surveillance is not a joke

If you’re not familiar with Edward Snowden, he’s the former National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence officer who blew the whistle on the NSA’s global surveillance program, revealing that, in the modern day world, there really is no privacy, and that a manufactured need for increased ‘national security’ is being used to justify this surveillance — a surveillance […]

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Today is the day to set forth our intentions that we want to see manifested

We are having a New Moon in Aries on March 27th-28th, depending on where you are located in the world. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries always initiates a new season at the Equinox. Therefore, this New Moon is what really kickstarts the astrological New Year each year, and the initiating energy of Aries. Venus has been…

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The simple things in life gives us the most happiness

The concept of “hygge” (which is pronounced hoo-gah) is a restorative state of mind practiced for centuries in Denmark (by way of Norway). Usually translated into English as “coziness,” it’s about finding warmth and intimacy in everything you do. Though very old, hygge is just now gaining traction outside of its origins. Perhaps because Denmark…

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Leaving a sliced onion by your bedside helps with releasing toxins out of our body :)

There’s a huge shift right now occurring within the medical industry. More and more people are starting to learn that modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have become more concerned with profit than they are with people. Mark Mattson, Chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging, has explained that pharmaceutical companies can’t…

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The media has its way of telling a story

More information regarding the United States’ massive surveillance program has surfaced again, via Edward Snowden, an NSA whistleblower who stole thousands of classified documents before leaving the country. Mainstream media networks in North America completely blacked out the interview, but that hasn’t stopped the information revealed during the interview from spreading across the planet. You […]

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